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If you are like so many women that are ready to get off the hamster wheel of restrictive diets and crazy workout videos but don't quite know where to start, you are in the right place. I help women reconnect to their true selves. You know, the YOU that moves your body because it feels good, not because you are trying to punish it into a smaller size. The YOU that eats based on your body's cues, not a meal plan made by a stranger. The YOU that sleeps, prioritizes quiet time, and connects with their tribe because they know that it's important. The YOU that isn't swayed by societal messages that you are not thin enough, pretty enough, active enough, or happy enough. The YOU that you would be proud of if you children followed exactly in those footsteps. 

As a body positive health and habits coach, I help busy mamas create real, lasting, and genuine health so that you can be the positive role model that our children so desperately need. I will help you release the death grip on your old ill-fitting skinny jeans and focus on what really matters in life. Wouldn't it be wonderful to finally feel confident, vibrant, happy, and strong? Using habit coaching, mindful eating, and healthy dose of body positivity, I support women to become their best selves. No more restricting and binging. No more yo-yoing on the scale. No more deprivation, restriction, or unhealthy relationship with food and exercise. And no more negative habits passed on to the next generation.

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